May. 3rd, 2009

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It is really really really difficult to stare at the top of the man's head without a deep and profound expression of shock.  Of course, the word is probably something else than what my brain is yelling at me, but ... but ... I can only formulate a clumsy and tremulous OMG! 

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So I was discussing story possibilities with my husband.  Yes, me and my hubby talk about my slashy obsessions.  Aren't I just about the luckiest??  In any case, I have this bunny that I want to materialize, but am having difficulty with.  I had the idea that following Dumbledore's death, Snape might just want to perform that horcrux spell for himself; while his intentions are noble and such, the man is still Slytherin and might share an obsession with Voldemort about immortality.  For the sake of the plot, however, I was wracking my brain with what Snape might consider a worthy vessel for a shard of his soul.

And my husband to answer: "What about Dumbledore's pensieve?"

It makes sense ... but it's such a huge endeavor that I am not certain to want to write it right away, or at least not before I have the time to do so.  But as far as bunnies go, I don't have that many, and wish I did.  Snape's voice is oddly silent these days, and I would love for it to start yelling insults for no other reason than showcasing what a greasy git he can be.


I hate wanting to be so damned canon and having to work around something as huge as SNAPE DYING.  



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