May. 7th, 2009

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If you squint hard enough, you might see a mini-rant in here.

Following my complete fangirl moment yesterday where I conceived many obscene and intricately detailed fantasies concerning Simon Pegg, I almost forgot that I had a date with my husband tomorrow night to see Star Trek.  Now, Simon Pegg as Scottie?  I'm having a hard time separating the cult-instigator from it all.  Simon Pegg is awesome and all, but I can't help but cringe a bit in fear that he might have been cast as comic relief.  Hopefully, I am wrong, and he will be stellar.

However, I'm still sour over the fact they never bothered to even conceive making a DS9 movie, so I am going tomorrow with a bit of a relunctant stride.  My husband, who is (unforgivably) an Enterprise fan and scoffs DS9 for everything but the sodding Dominion War arc and Kira in a catsuit, assures me that I will like it and that I should carry with me an open mind.  My open mind says that I am going to assist a movie with more flash, less brains.  Let's face it, DS9 was a bit of a black sheep when it came out.  It was gritty, brainy, had rich characterisation and gripping storylines.  That is, before they tried to reach statistical percentage of their audience with war, explosions and women who suddenly forgot they had brains and balls (honestly, can anyone *really* deny the sex-kitten makeover Kira got in the latter seasons??).  But apparently, this sedentary universe they created with DS9 was not interesting enough to script into a movie, and the series was brushed aside for the younger, more modern Enterprise (ooo look, their ship looks more advanced than the original series' ship!).  And again, they do so with the Star Trek movie (ooo look, sex, explosions, sword fights and brawls!).

*Bracing sigh*

I digress, and I apologize.  These are my thoughts and opinions.  Still, when I go see a Star Trek movie, I would like a little more intellectual variety than a villain bent on world domination and a captain determined to destroy everything in his path to avenge so-and-so.  I miss the quiet social politics Picard offered, the rebellious ramifications Sisko brought and the sensitive determination Janeway gave us.


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