May. 17th, 2009


May. 17th, 2009 08:16 am
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[ profile] rrrosa kindly gave me one of her Dreamwidth codes to open up an account (yay!) which I have not had a chance to pretty up with a customized layout yet; I want to take my time with it. But it just so happens I found two codes in my inbox this morning that I can distribute.

So who wants a DW account? I only have two, but I will distribute it to the first two askers. Please include your email and I will send it out.

EDIT: They're gone like hot little potatoes :)
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Woot, I think this may work!
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Go there. Go there now. And oggle the thousands and millions of colour combinations. I dare you to try and find only ONE scheme that makes you go "perfect for my blog!"

I am like in a candy paradise.

Incidentally, the scheme linking to the website up there? Yeah. That's mine. For now. Until something better comes around.

I give up

May. 17th, 2009 03:42 pm
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:( I cannot code a CSS to save my life. It's too complicated. I can't have a pretty layout. *cry*

EDIT: So, thanks to this awesome person who is evidently much more talented at coding than I ever will be (at CSS in any case), I now have a grungy layout.

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Warning: this post will make absolutely no sense if you do not play World of Warcraft.

Okay, so tonight sucked. We hit Naxx, and my hubby and I were lowest dps. I understand we hit 80, like, a week ago, which didn't give us much time to prepare epicz runz through heroics. But still. It was frustrating. I also seem to have taught a fellow hunter how to misdirect. /facepalms.

It's not like I know everything about this class; after a few years playing her, I am still learning - especially all the new content after level 70. But there comes a point when you ask yourself, none too kindly; "are they buying their accounts??". I mean, Misdirection is a pretty vital and popular raiding tool, especially when there is an offtank involved needing to grab aggro quickly. But it is possible, also, that I am becoming more and more intolerant of bad players, and perhaps just a little jaded.

By no means have I become an epitome of tyranny, nor am I made of legend stuff. I like to think I maintain a comfortable balance between; I have volleyed when I should have flared, yes. I have serpent stung when I should have marked, I know. But we all had a good laugh over it, and I still came out strong in the end. The most important thing, I think, is because as a hunter, I do not believe my role is to ‘hit the top of those damage meters, dude, like, woah, I totally messed up that mage’s confidence’. No. I spend too much time running around CCing, MDing, grabbing aggro off the healers or volley-blasting mob-critters that, by the end of that fight, I am probably in the lower third of the meter.

Does this bother me? Sometimes. Maybe I should just leave the herding to another hunter. Like that one tonight, who upon realizing what MD did, proceeding to test it out on the entire raid group as though playing with a small, shiny new toy.


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