Jun. 3rd, 2009

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There's a good reason I don't watch or read the news.  Some people have criticized me in the past for wanting to be purposefully ignorant, or for not keeping abreast with certain issues that require change from the general populace.

I have always agreed with them and their opinion.

It has not, however, changed my stance.

I find, in reading the news, that there is so much hatred and violence, and abuse and worry and neglect and (insert any and all negative emotion/situations/acts here) in the world.  And it affects me on a level that threatens my very health.  I am generally known as a depressive-prone person; it is an illness I fight everyday with some modicum of success.  Throw in there occasional bouts of panic/anxiety, and you have yourself a recipe for emotional disaster.  I can easily cry and feel depressed for days, weeks, over cases of abuse or violence (one and the same really) in children.

In some self-defense mechanism acquired over the years, I have stopped reading the news and keeping myself informed with the world.  I carefully sift through entertainment, odd, funny or heartwarming tales and discard the articles on hatred, violence and such.  I will read about ill children and their stories of recovery, or wisdom through illness, because I admire their courage and their positive outlook and their infinite wisdom we, as adults, will barely know in an entire lifetime.  I love these stories, because they cause me personal growth.  I do not feel any wiser reading about violence.

It keeps me generally ignorant -- but there is truth in the adage that such a thing as blissful ignorance exist.

Call me weak.  I suppose ... one day, I will be strong enough to deal with it.


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