Jun. 23rd, 2009

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... and I'm heading to bed.  But Snape was so lonely, and I had to at least finish the companion piece.  *yawn*  My eyes are shot, so this will probably need serious revising tomorrow, but I'm satisfied for now.

Thanks to everybody who commented -- I will get those replies to you tomorrow. :)

In the meantime, Harry would really like to go for a walk with Snape ... ) 
EDIT: And oh my GOD I forgot to add his SCAR /headdesk ... I knew I forgot something. This actually woke me up, lol. Will revise all this tomorrow. /headdesk again. Ow.  Fixed!
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 I have this story.  And it's going places.  Well ... I hope it is.  But I need some direction and honest no-holds-barrel crit.  It's not complete (I realise some betas prefer to view and crit a finished story).  It's just so lacking right now because my writing skills are somewhat rusty and I'm afraid of abandonning it because my writing isn't giving justice to the story.  I tend to be describing and not feeling.

Anyone?  The story is HPatDH!Snarry and concerns vampires. :D
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So I am redoing the Beg piece (Snape over a collared Harry) into something more tender and less dominant.  At least, I hope I am.  I am having difficulty with foreshortening and hands in this one, but overall I am pleased.  I should be done by tonight or tomorrow.  Here's a glimpse of it and how drastically the mood has changed from its original piece.

Behind the Mask ) 
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... was terrific.  We watched Star Trek ... *completely* this time (without me freaking out, yay), and I totally fell madly in lust/love with Spock and Scottie.  Not necessarily together mind you, but definitely <3 in there.  And I was all tingly for Spock/Uhura.

We completed the evening by waking our 3 year old son at 10h30 because there are St-Jean-Baptiste fireworks in our little country town (I seriously live in a Beau Temps type of town/village) every year on this day.  He was amazed and bleery-eyed happy at seeing 'moving stars in the sky'.  These are little moments I completely cherish and I am not at all apologetic at waking up my son at 10 O clock to watch moving stars in the sky. :)

Now I'm going to get sleep and tomorrow I will send the story in for beta (once I have more meat to it), complete the painting and perhaps along the way paint something Spock-ish ... and maybe ... uhm ... drabble ... something ... perhaps ... *whimper* 


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