Jul. 4th, 2009

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Updates from the front;

Truble the Cat
This cat is driving me batty.  As much as I adore his social acceptance of people, his loud purring, his head butts and his paw-hugs, he is completely and totally freaking INSANE.  At some point, he will either live a long happy life with us or end up going through a window.  And no, I would not have been the one to throw him. <FURRY FAIL.

Life as a parent
Two of the boys (I have a son, and my husband has 2 ... yes the level of testosterone in the house is very overwhelming, why do you ask?) are sharing a birthday party today ...lots of kids, lots of headaches.  I already got up this morning and popped 2 gelcaps.  No, I am not one of those perfect supermoms who are organized down to the last party hat and invite a gazillion kids over to her house.  <FAIL.  
I am one of those moms who cringe at the sight of children who are not her own.  Yes, I know, MAJOR fail.  But hey, I'm there for my kids.  Always. <WIN

Movies and Television
Fanboys sucked more than I thought it would -- my expectations weren't that high to start with but they did a stellar job ruining it even more. <SO MUCH FAIL.
Inkheart was ... cute.  I feel lukewarm about it, pretty much the same feeling I have for the book. <LUKEWARM FAIL.
My hubby did tape Spaceballs for me and I snatched up Dark Crystal.  <1980's WIN.
Trueblood.  Trueblood.  Trueblood.  Trueblood.  I am totally in love with Sookie and Eric and Bill and so much vampire love.  PAM!  Guh.  LAFAYETTE!  Gaaah.  <FANGY WIN.

As I evolve into the elusive woman creature hiding inside of me, I have been recently intrigued and fascinated by the sight of round little palettes and creams and potions and brushes.  In fact, I have this urge to spend ridiculous amounts of money for anything urbandecay.com touches.  <GLITTERY WIN.

My hubby made a fettucini alfredo from scratch yesterday.  It was so much yum. <TUMMY WIN.

There are no words to describe how much I want to see this movie now.  I want to relish him in all his unglory.  I want to cap every nook and cranny of Spinner's End.  I want to read his books.  I actually wanted to create a catalogue of books Snape might own as a study in character.  <ANTICIPATING WIN.

Writing and Drawing
Not much action on this front due to RL sticking it deep.  O well.  I will be getting some free time soon to sit down and hammer out more. :) <CRAVING WIN.


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