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This isn't exactly a long story in writing, but rather a long story broken up in a series of short stories. This is the first. It's also a very good way for me to get back into writing. It's also a study of characters we only glimpse in the last book. I hope you enjoy!

Pictures from Beyond: The Arrival )
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Dear Harry Potter, Boy-Who-Won't-Die,

As I appreciate the zeal with which you commissioned my portrait for the Headmaster's office, I cannot stress enough how tedious it is to see your son fall prey to the same stupidity that apparently runs in the sludge that is the Potter gene pool.  I have gazed upon his impertinent stare four times this week, the boy having been called into the Headmaster's office because of something having to do with Scorpius and slugs. 

Rein in your son's behavior, or I swear I will be the first portrait to successfully hex someone of the Living world!

Your irritated though thankfully former Potions master.

PS~ Stop sending Marat with your correspondence -- the man keeps dripping blood everywhere and I don't think he realises yet just how dead he is supposed to be.

PPS~ I will also thank you to stop threatening me with promises of moving me from Hogwarts and into your home.
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Dear Albus Severus Potter,

Please stop poking my portrait.

Thank you,

Your irritated Potions master.

PS - It irks me beyond the grave to know my name will forever occupy a space beside your father's name.  At least I have the immense satisfaction of knowing it is placed before it.


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