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I was navigating the net today with no genuine purpose, and I came across a couple of freebies you might appreciate. Thrown in there are also some applications I currently use, and have been using for some time.

·         Phoenix - Image Editor

·         Raven - Vector Editor

·         Peacock - Visual Laboratory

·         Toucan - Color Swatches Program


I haven’t downloaded any of these, but I do admit to some degree of excitement; especially when I pore over the roster of applications that are also in development.   A must-have in your bookmarks, at least.

I am currently testing this, and so far it’s doing as it promised. Very easy to use, and it satisfies some dark, deep desire for organization.

\o/ -- this is a must-have for a computer clean-freak like I am. It purges shit you never thought was even collecting on your hard drive. This is the Dyson of all computer cleaners. It even scrapes off the garbage from your registry.

If you’re like me, you hate the Windows defragmenter. It’s slow, it throws molasses on all your other stuff, and it seems like you need to clear your computer’s schedule for a fortnight before you even consider opening up the software. Defraggler, however, is light-weight, it’s (in my opinion) much more performing than the Windows version and it pretty much takes half the time to defragment your files. This is win.

This is actually a really addictive online game. I started it with the sort of skepticism one acquires over the years of testing “free” online games; I was thinking “okay, here we go again – I will play this for five minutes, realize suddenly why this game is free, and never open it again. Not so. It’s cute; it’s the sort of wizarding game I could let my kids play, while enjoying it myself later on when I have a moment to myself. It offers a style very reminiscent to early Harry Potter games.

Ahh Picasa. It has never failed me. It’s some kind of awesome software that delights your visual sense. It’s a beautifully constructed application, and is probably one of the first programs I install whenever I need to purge my HD and start over.

And since we’re talking about Google products, I might as well plug this one too; Google Chrome, an alternative to your awful, awful Internet Explorer. I used to alternate between Firefox (for everything) and IE (for things Firefox couldn’t do). I installed this baby and didn’t have to touch either of the other ones. However, for some dimly known reason, it stopped working after a while. I haven’t had a chance to reinstall it to see if it was a freak of electronic nature; I hope it was.


Check the Google labs for more neat stuff they’re working on or have developed:

If you love books and reading, go here. You can input books you are reading or are collecting on your shelves, and read reviews about it, and how many other LT users are reading it as well. I like it.

“I wish I could just type in an artist and the application would suggest other artists I may like … like Amazon does for my books!” 

“Why Snaples, this already exists, and you can listen to them to boot!”

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My new site ... thanks to Tara Chan, thank you SOOOOOOO much, that's twice you've been so generous and thoughtful.

Yay, I have a site! It's barren now, but I will update it with new content soon. I just wanted to put something there for now.


Jul. 19th, 2005 01:35 am
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It's coming ...

*Note to self: Sleep important and should not be overlooked more than 6 times in one week*


Dec. 19th, 2004 08:30 pm
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I now have a working computer with functional internet. I am happy person now. :)
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Hey, does anyone have a link to that funny guy who has dancing lessons (101, etc.) in which he demonstrates them through .gif files? He does animal sounds too and dating tips, etc ... if anyone has it, I'd appreciate it!
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You know what sucks?

1. A computer that doesn't work;
2. A workplace that monitors your computer;
3. A laptop that doesn't have internet;
4. A move into a new appartment that doesn't have internet capability;
5. Friends who don't have internet;
6. A life without internet.

Thank you.

(I'm still here)

I don't write, I don't draw, I'm slowly going insane, but I'm still around and I miss the INTERNET SO VERY, VERY MUCH.

Then again, our appartment is bigger and has many rooms. Yay!


Aug. 5th, 2004 09:41 am
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And now, for something that never fails to make Snaples fall over herself laughing like an idiot.


We love you, Super Greg.


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