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I HATE foreshortening, and I HATE hands, and I HATE legs.

Can you tell ?

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So my husband is playing pokers with buddies (gosh knows he deserves it after putting up with me! :D), and I want to draw him something.  Since he has this strange new fetish for the elf girl on Knights of Bloodsteel (with fangs!  I don't know.), I thought to draw him something ridiculously sexy.  So far, this is what I came up with.  Not quite where I want it to be yet, but getting there.  Click for bigger picture.

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Visiting all these sim-pets places has given me an uncontrollable desire to design my own sprites. I don't know what kind yet, but I would love to see what I could churn up in the colorful sprite department. Dragons have been done, as well as pokemon-like things ... maybe spritely monsters? Hmm ... or wizards and witches ... it bears study.
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So RL bitchslapped me pretty severely some time ago, right in the middle of the Snarry Games. But to prove I was serious about the games, I will post the first of several entries I was supposed to do. I had 3 panels planned, and only 1 got to be completed:

Lookee here ... don't worry kiddies, it's worksafe ... unless your boss has something against blood-sucking males. )
I had chosen a vampire theme for my delectable duo.  I plan to eventually finish the panels ... and then re-enter the Games with a fresh new entry.  This time, RL will have to wait before giving me a bloody nose.  *shakes fist at it*
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So I draw.  My eyes burn.  I kind of like it, and I want to delete it.  I need sleep, but my brain wants to paint.  *sigh*  I hate being a night owl.

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[ profile] ebilsoki_art is thus my new account for posting art. This one will remain for everyday like, comments and fic. :)

EDIT 2009: The account is inactive and soon as I remember the password, will delete it. The art will be posted here instead.
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My boyfriend would like me to draw him something. Highly detailed, something that might take me a month to complete. I requested he ask for something Harry Potter-ish because ... you know. So he just leered at me. And I felt this impending doom crawl down my spine as some unspeakable evil began to form on his lips:

"Snape and Hermione."

My boyfriend is a SS/HG shipper at heart. And I feel both grief and a slight hope that at least he is not turned off by HP fandom. I know this his idea of punishing me for subjecting him to art after art and fic after fic of gay HP pr0n.

Still, love must conquer all, and if I must thrust my digital pen onto the tablet and draw some god-awful SS/HG for him, I will do so.

(On a more serious note (hah!), I am not turned off by the idea. I don't mind Snape/Anyone as long as it's believable, and I have a few ideas already brewing. WIP will be posted here to get some valuable criticism, because I really want to do this for him. I doubt, however, that it will be R or higher-rated.)
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For [ profile] sm_malfoy and [ profile] pandora_nervosa: The Unbreakable Vow (G)

Sorry I didn't include Bella, [ profile] pandora_nervosa, this is again a thing like the first where I just went with inspiration. This will no doubt be a scene I'll expand later.
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For [ profile] biichan: Dumbledore Pwned (PG-13)

I am kind of liking this newish style. :) Hope that was a bit what you had in mind, Biichan.
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For [ profile] bethbethbeth, [ profile] tekalynn, [ profile] snapetoy, [ profile] wikdsushi, [ profile] flutteringazure and [ profile] asphodeline: Don't Call me a Coward (G)

I know the scene required Harry, but I got overenthusiastic with Snape and felt he looked good as a standalone. Eventually, I might *paint* that whole scene, but as a quick digital drawing, I stopped with Snape.

Next up: Pwning Albus


Aug. 12th, 2005 11:04 pm
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I want to draw something. Anything. So I came up with a good way to get inspiration.

You Guys!

Here is the idea:

Give me a scene from HBP that involves Snape (Snape is a must) that you'd like to see illustrated, and I'll do my best to do it. Depending on how the mood goes for the piece, it'll either be a doodle or a painting, but I'd love some ideas. :)

Thanks! xxx


Jul. 19th, 2005 01:27 am
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Just a sketch.

Snape and Harry ... as usual.

No spoilers as it has nothing to do with HBP.
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All those who drool over Halle Berry, raise your hand. *Aye!*


Jul. 6th, 2004 12:01 am
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I died laughing when I saw these. So obviously, I had to take advantage. Snape, of course, is no longer laughing. But thankfully, Harry bought that polaroid this summer ...


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