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 I have a whole night to myself where I can write and draw ... and I have freaking bronchitis.  However, it is a mild case and I can still moderately stay seated staring at a computer for a while.  But inspiration might lack.  We'll see.
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Meet Max Jones. A 12 year old Canadian boy who believes that SOME news is good news. Meet the future, a boy who has assembled his team, who has created something lovely and needs to be encouraged.

Weekend News Today

Way to go, Max.
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Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

Omg omg omg omg ... I is having a True Blood withdrawal moment. Dammit, I am NEVER up to date with shows I like, and I end up watching an entire season on DVD with no commercials and NO wait time. Now I'm actually up to date with something I love and it has to be this bad ... evil brand of new torture! Why does things we love hate on us so much?

What's MORE (because, yes, these are never isolated cases of emosery), the second season of Bones is Never. Freaking. There. when I want to rent it! AND, the Resident Evil: Archives game is all made of remake win on the Wii, BUT I went really super far and picked lots of awesomeness and killed this super hard zombie dog wanting to eat my brain and was all super happy and we LOST THE BLOODY ELECTRICITY BEFORE I COULD REACH A TYPEWRITER!


I just realized this will sound very insane to anyone who doesn't share my peculiar brand of hobbies.

In other news, I'm going camping. Yay! As much as I love technology (and it loves me, yes it does), it will so nice to get away from it for a few days. It'll make us appreciate each other all that much afterward.

Toddler Update: NO MORE DIAPERS ... No - no words. No words to describe it. Poetry! They should've sent a poet. So beautiful. So beautiful... I had no idea.
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Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

OMG ... please view in HD and full screen ... and feel the tension and stress just ebb away in a warm liquid pool made of win.

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Hubby is away tonight, son is sleeping, I want to write or draw or both and I feel mental block. /cry. I hate this feeling. I want to do sooooommething. :( Snape is being an ass and refuses to talk.

EDIT: I'm desperate. I'll take requests for quickies. :) (Draw!quickies that is)
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Updates from the front;

Truble the Cat
This cat is driving me batty.  As much as I adore his social acceptance of people, his loud purring, his head butts and his paw-hugs, he is completely and totally freaking INSANE.  At some point, he will either live a long happy life with us or end up going through a window.  And no, I would not have been the one to throw him. <FURRY FAIL.

Life as a parent
Two of the boys (I have a son, and my husband has 2 ... yes the level of testosterone in the house is very overwhelming, why do you ask?) are sharing a birthday party today ...lots of kids, lots of headaches.  I already got up this morning and popped 2 gelcaps.  No, I am not one of those perfect supermoms who are organized down to the last party hat and invite a gazillion kids over to her house.  <FAIL.  
I am one of those moms who cringe at the sight of children who are not her own.  Yes, I know, MAJOR fail.  But hey, I'm there for my kids.  Always. <WIN

Movies and Television
Fanboys sucked more than I thought it would -- my expectations weren't that high to start with but they did a stellar job ruining it even more. <SO MUCH FAIL.
Inkheart was ... cute.  I feel lukewarm about it, pretty much the same feeling I have for the book. <LUKEWARM FAIL.
My hubby did tape Spaceballs for me and I snatched up Dark Crystal.  <1980's WIN.
Trueblood.  Trueblood.  Trueblood.  Trueblood.  I am totally in love with Sookie and Eric and Bill and so much vampire love.  PAM!  Guh.  LAFAYETTE!  Gaaah.  <FANGY WIN.

As I evolve into the elusive woman creature hiding inside of me, I have been recently intrigued and fascinated by the sight of round little palettes and creams and potions and brushes.  In fact, I have this urge to spend ridiculous amounts of money for anything touches.  <GLITTERY WIN.

My hubby made a fettucini alfredo from scratch yesterday.  It was so much yum. <TUMMY WIN.

There are no words to describe how much I want to see this movie now.  I want to relish him in all his unglory.  I want to cap every nook and cranny of Spinner's End.  I want to read his books.  I actually wanted to create a catalogue of books Snape might own as a study in character.  <ANTICIPATING WIN.

Writing and Drawing
Not much action on this front due to RL sticking it deep.  O well.  I will be getting some free time soon to sit down and hammer out more. :) <CRAVING WIN.
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... was terrific.  We watched Star Trek ... *completely* this time (without me freaking out, yay), and I totally fell madly in lust/love with Spock and Scottie.  Not necessarily together mind you, but definitely <3 in there.  And I was all tingly for Spock/Uhura.

We completed the evening by waking our 3 year old son at 10h30 because there are St-Jean-Baptiste fireworks in our little country town (I seriously live in a Beau Temps type of town/village) every year on this day.  He was amazed and bleery-eyed happy at seeing 'moving stars in the sky'.  These are little moments I completely cherish and I am not at all apologetic at waking up my son at 10 O clock to watch moving stars in the sky. :)

Now I'm going to get sleep and tomorrow I will send the story in for beta (once I have more meat to it), complete the painting and perhaps along the way paint something Spock-ish ... and maybe ... uhm ... drabble ... something ... perhaps ... *whimper* 
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There's a good reason I don't watch or read the news.  Some people have criticized me in the past for wanting to be purposefully ignorant, or for not keeping abreast with certain issues that require change from the general populace.

I have always agreed with them and their opinion.

It has not, however, changed my stance.

I find, in reading the news, that there is so much hatred and violence, and abuse and worry and neglect and (insert any and all negative emotion/situations/acts here) in the world.  And it affects me on a level that threatens my very health.  I am generally known as a depressive-prone person; it is an illness I fight everyday with some modicum of success.  Throw in there occasional bouts of panic/anxiety, and you have yourself a recipe for emotional disaster.  I can easily cry and feel depressed for days, weeks, over cases of abuse or violence (one and the same really) in children.

In some self-defense mechanism acquired over the years, I have stopped reading the news and keeping myself informed with the world.  I carefully sift through entertainment, odd, funny or heartwarming tales and discard the articles on hatred, violence and such.  I will read about ill children and their stories of recovery, or wisdom through illness, because I admire their courage and their positive outlook and their infinite wisdom we, as adults, will barely know in an entire lifetime.  I love these stories, because they cause me personal growth.  I do not feel any wiser reading about violence.

It keeps me generally ignorant -- but there is truth in the adage that such a thing as blissful ignorance exist.

Call me weak.  I suppose ... one day, I will be strong enough to deal with it.
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A few things:

The Devil is in the Details
Where I work, I am an administrative goddess. I say this with the utmost modesty, I assure you. But since I am the only one with the knowledge, the experience and the willingness to do so, I consider myself an admin genius where I work; I say this, because no one else will. Oh I get the occasional "you're the king" and "wow, how did you do that so fast?", but all in all, it's a pretty thankless job. Don't get me wrong, though; I love my job. Not many people get to say that. Not many get to wake up in the morning and actually look forward to an hour and a half commute to a job they love. Pretty much the only thing bringing me back home is my family; otherwise, I think I would sleep there. But like any job, you have your pet peeves. Mine is a specific co-worker whose mind is only on retirement. And while I bend over backwards to make sure his customers are happy, he does nothing to help me on this. So the customers are unhappy and they gravitate toward the other salesman who, not to put too fine a point on it, is pretty much a sales god. Fast, reliable, pleasant, attractive voice and my O my what a photographic memory. Sharpshooter, as they say, and I know he will go far. I am his equivalent where paperwork is concerned, with the same applicable skills. Together, we can rule a small planet. Sadly, though, the slower co-worker just doesn't have it. He isn't ... there. He doesn't ... care. And this ... annoys me. This makes me the devil, because he is truly otherwise a sweet man.

Always behave like a duck - keep calm and unruffled on the surface but paddle like the devil underneath.

Let the devil catch you but by a single hair, and you are his forever
So ... I understand that this blog used to be very fanfic/art-driven, but something happened, and I suddenly have topics to talk about.  I never had anything to talk about, but now it seems every single thing that happens in my life is an interesting topic for my blog.  Well, in my point of view, I certainly do not allege that anything I write about here is interesting to anybody but myself, but it is a sort of therapy ... nay, meditation for my soul to write about things that occur to me.  Which, in essence, I think is the point of a blog.  That and lots of smutty sex.  So to those who are waiting for HP art and/or fanfic, it is coming -- there's just going to be a lot of inane chatter in between. :D

Idle Hands are the Devil's Tools
Watched Paul Blart, Mall Cop tonight.  Eh.  It had funny moments, certainly.  But not the bent over laughing my ass off funny I thought it would be.  I hate when my standards are disapointed.  Kevin James is certainly more suited for sitcoms rather than movies.

So this was my ego-centric moment of the day.  Please don't think any less of me.  I needed it. :)
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Have you ever seen a two year old playing air violin?  I did.  In the car, during a long ride home.  When a segment of a popular French-Canadian song came on where violins were playing, my own son closed his eyes, scrunched up his tiny features with a look of mock focus and began to strum a violin with his fingers.  He's 2.  And he plays air violin.  And I have no idea where he took it from.  But I can say that at that point, I totally fell in love again with my son.

I love these unexpected moments of shock and pure delight.
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... or rather, I am eating spicy mayonnaise with a side order of sushi.

Life is beautiful.

Thank you all for the kind comments on Snape-drawn-while-blurry-eyed-fatigue-was-taking-over.  I did not delete him, and will probably work on a pastiche of emotions/expressions in a similar vein.  I will definitely draw more since the bug just stung me ;)

Incidentally, raw scallops are probably the most awesomeness thing ever found in nature.  It just ... *eyes roll back*
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Well this was an awfully horrible day. People, I don’t know how many of you have suffered from food poisoning, but my husband and I went through this predominantly nasty affliction today. While it wasn’t a grade 10 illness, we are left weakened and incoherent by a day of doing absofuckinglutely nothing. I cannot stress this enough; me and couch-potatoing do not mesh. So on top of trying to keep whatever crumb of food I’ve managed to eat against my will down in my stomach, I’ve also had to deal with the fact I couldn’t stand up without needing to sit down one minute later. It’s the restless ‘wanting-to-take-advantage-of-a-day-off-to-do-everything-I-didn’t-manage-to-do-during-the-weekend-but-feeling-too-bloody-tired-to-do-it’ feeling that gets me.

Thankfully, mini-Snaples was not affected and enjoyed his time at daycare while his daddy and mommy groaned and moaned and whined … with nothing pleasurable to show for it.

It did, however, give me ample opportunity to finish Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and realizing with emerging disappointment how awfully boring the book is until the last eighth of the story.

However, now that my Harry Potter fix is satisfied, I can focus on writing. And drawing. And acquiring new reading material. The husband is still trying to get me to read Eragon, and while I manage over and over to read the first chapters with sparkling enthusiasm, my excitement suddenly drops to a dead halt and I push it aside for other material. I wonder why that is.
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I am re-reading the books and realising how much I miss the community and the fandom.  I am meandering in a few fandoms lately, but I mostly keep coming back to this one.

*Sigh*  I miss you guys.  I wish I had magic so I could add lots and lots of hours I could use to write and devote to a favorite hobby of mine: putting Snape in situations that constantly annoy the hell out of him. :) 

Still Here

Aug. 3rd, 2005 11:35 am
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Still here, still here!

Sorry, had some moves and work get in the way of enjoyment lately. :/ But I am here, don't worry. Just these little updates to let people know I'm not dropping off the face of the planet again. ;)

Hey all!

Jul. 24th, 2005 05:15 pm
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Just got back from a weekend camping, so I will get to those e-mails y'all sent me concerning the RPG. Tara, also got your message, thanks so much. Will get going on that as soon as I'm all unpacked and the appartment is more or less clean. ;)

I will also get to approving applications. Thanks for your interest. Please be aware that for those applying for one character will be chosen based on both quality and first-come basis. That is, if I get 2 applications that I find equally appealing, the one sent first will be chosen.

Thanks again, and talk to everyone soon. :)


Dec. 29th, 2004 01:10 pm
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Roughly, this is how Christmas was with his and mine family:

24th December: Have my parents over for supper. Much fun ensues. The kids are happy, opening gifts after gifts. Snaples happy for receiving a MUCH needed car-starter for her car. We both received Scene It, which we proceeded to play for much of the night. Fun.

25th December: Go to his parents for supper. Bring the kids with us for the morning, but he has to bring them back to their mum for Christmas. Much depression ensues. He plays Santa Claus for the other kids, but we both don't feel in the spirits without the boys there. Not a fun night.

26th December: He is sick, but we decide to brave Future Shop. We quickly abandon after seeing the queue of people waiting to get in. Go to Bureau en Gros instead and buy some games (me: The Sims 2, him: Warlords and Starcraft). Later in the day, have our friends over for a special supper. We cook for them, pour them wine and leave them to a romantic supper while we go eat out. They are happy. We finish the night watching movies while he goes to bed to relax from his cold. Movies watched: Shaun of the Dead (HILARIOUS) and The Craft)

27th December: Back to work for him, while I stay home cleaning-up. Our friends have slept over and leave around 4h00pm. BF leaves as well, being too sick to work, and arrives home in time for us to change, get ready and go to my friend's house for a buffet. We stay there one hour.

28th December: NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING! Oh, but we did go shop and finally find what Christmas gift we wanted for us: a surround sound system. :D Which we bought. Which I assembled. For three hours. BUT IT'S DONE. Movies watched on brand-new kick-ass sub-woofin' system: Resident Evil: Apocalypse and LotR: Return of the King.

29th December: Go to parents tonight. Have tarot read by cool uncle. Have traditional turkey supper. Much rejoicing, even though the BF AND me are now sick. *sighs*

30th December: Go to a hockey game with friends.

31st December: Go to Comedy Works (a stand-up show).

Sometime after that, I suspect I'll fit 48 hours worth of sleep.



Sep. 3rd, 2004 01:45 pm
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I called my mum this morning, because ... huh ... it'd been two days I hadn't heard from her. So we talked a bit, and she sounded very weird. Then, she says something, chokes, and is very silent for a full minute. Being her daughter, I know she's crying and trying not to show it. A thousand things run through my mind at that point, and I get very anxious. So I let her breathe and sort out her thoughts before she announced that yesterday, my folks had Cleo, our beloved Australian Shepherd, put down. She was 12, athritic, and slowing down. Plus, my folks are moving, and were afraid that a traumatic move would have been Cleo's downfall.

Now, the hard part about this is, Cleo wasn't sick or suffering. She was, in fact, still quite lively, if not suffering from hyperactivity (which the vet told us wasn't very good for her breathing at her age). It's hard to imagine that poor dog, not exactly at her prime but not exactly dying either, is now gone from this world.

I've been feeling very depressed today following these news. Cleopatra has been part of my life for 12 years. And though I'm not at home anymore (and thus the realisation that she is gone hasn't quite sunk in yet), I feel her loss very strongly.

So if you'll pardon the utter sentimentality which will follow, and which will no doubt bring Snape great shame, I had to write this out of my system:

Dear Cleo,

For 12 years, you were a silent companion that nevertheless brimmed with a vitality handlers assured us would fade after two years out of puppyhood. You were excited beyond belief over such trivial things as visits from relatives and strangers alike, food and television. While most dogs would cringe and whimper over the prospect of a needle, you salivated at the promise of a treat and managed to remain still for that tiny prick before devouring a cookie. You constantly surprised us with your unnatural ability to open closets and close them behind you when a storm hit. You accepted to co-exist with a feline that attacked you whenever our backs were turned and uttered no complaint and unleashed not one bite in retaliation. While said feline made its bed comfortably over beds and watched you contemptuously from the height of comfort, you remained in your bed by the door and did nothing in your defense. You locked us out of our house and forced us to climb to an open window and while, at the time we were very angry, the story lives on as an amusing anectode that never fails to draw a laugh. When my parents were away and I stood alone in a big house, you were there, willing and able to find that tiny comfort on my bed while giving me the security I needed. You waited patiently while the cat was fed before you, and while we had a reason to do so (the cat would often go nosing into your dish if we made the mistake to feed you first), you did not understand that reason but still trusted us to give you the food you wanted. You ate everything we ever served you with blind, loyal trust, forgetting to scent first what it was we gave you. While we had very little patience at the end, when you were slowly going deaf and ignoring our commands, you relentlessly rubbed against us for a pat, for a caress, for a kiss that I never forbade you.

I love you very much, Cleo, and hope that wherever you are, your dish is eternally full, you have wide open spaces to run to your heart's content, and that you have numerous companions to run with you.

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So, I'm back from Cuba (since last Sunday), and was supposed to be back at work on Monday. I am still home. Why? Because Fate decided to deal me a lovely package consisting of Laryngitis (not quite the innocuous voice-robbing virus I used to think it was) and Sinusite (sp?). And guess what? It started in Cuba and thus ruined my last two days in Paradise.

BUT, despite that, I did have a lovely time, and the wedding was *gorgeous* and ohmygodiswamwithdolphins! The hotel itself is beautiful, and we were blessed with one main beach, and three virgin beaches (caleticas) which were absolutely awe-inspiring. I did a bit of snorkeling and was shocked to see that fish actually swim UP to you, and if you perchance bring bread, they eat it right out of your hands!

I also visited outside the hotel to Guardalavarca (sp?) and bought a shitload of hand-made souvenirs, and not to mention cigars.

But boy, is it ever HOT over there. I think I have a new appreciation for our balmy summers here in Montreal (if only it could be summer all year round, though). I prefer them over the sun-stroke-inducing heat in Cuba (my boyfriend and a friend each got a sun stroke ... not a pretty sight).

Oh, did I mention the lovely rum we now have? :D

EDIT: We met two absolutely fantastic couples from London during our stay in Cuba, and have now made penpals of them. One of them is an adoring fan of Harry Potter, Alan Rickman and Geoffrey Rush. :D :D


Aug. 11th, 2004 06:38 pm
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So, it's official.

I'm going back to school.

Not now, or probably not this year, but by the beginning of next year, I'll be enrolled for an online Master's certificate in Graphic Design.

I am super excited.

Also, I'm hyperventilating.  Because there's 10 days left until Cuba, and all I can think about is that god-forsaken flying death machine I'll be embarking on.  *pats Ativans*  Ah, faithful medication, don't fail me now.

On an unrelated note, Snape is getting really annoying.  He insists on sex, and I'm being incredibly sadistic.  But between you and I, I won't let the poor bastard suffer for long.


Shut up!  You're not supposed to be reading this.  Go wank that case of blueballs away.

SNAPE: *mutter*


Jul. 20th, 2004 12:35 am
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Spiderman ... rock ... my ... panties. Seriously, the man is gnawable. And QAF! (s'all I'll say for now 'bout it). Shrek 2 was hysterical (Donkey and Puss in Boots my favourites ... I just love that pussy ... hehehehe). Butterfly Effect was disturbing and ultra cool. (Look ma'! Ashton Kutcher CAN act!). Am waiting to see Spartan, Arthur (although I'm increasingly ambiguous about it), Catwoman (rowrl indeed), and will buy Van Helsing and Hellboy when they come out.

I just finished reading 'Coraline' (Coraline, not Caroline). Neil Gaiman. Is. A. God. Seriously disturbing material. I love the Sci Fi bookclub. Have requested NG's Endless Nights and a few other goodies. I'm starting to read 'Peter Pan' (you know, the original? Although, hmmmmmm Jason Isaacs ... *homer drool*) and I have Steven King's 'Dreamcatcher' in the queue. Spectrum 8 (fantasy and horror art) was spectacular and is on my nighttable for easy perusal (O Brom, how I adore thee).

Work is great. Life is great. I'm going to Cuba in August, and I'm slightly panicking.

S'it for now. :)


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