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... was terrific.  We watched Star Trek ... *completely* this time (without me freaking out, yay), and I totally fell madly in lust/love with Spock and Scottie.  Not necessarily together mind you, but definitely <3 in there.  And I was all tingly for Spock/Uhura.

We completed the evening by waking our 3 year old son at 10h30 because there are St-Jean-Baptiste fireworks in our little country town (I seriously live in a Beau Temps type of town/village) every year on this day.  He was amazed and bleery-eyed happy at seeing 'moving stars in the sky'.  These are little moments I completely cherish and I am not at all apologetic at waking up my son at 10 O clock to watch moving stars in the sky. :)

Now I'm going to get sleep and tomorrow I will send the story in for beta (once I have more meat to it), complete the painting and perhaps along the way paint something Spock-ish ... and maybe ... uhm ... drabble ... something ... perhaps ... *whimper* 
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 I have this story.  And it's going places.  Well ... I hope it is.  But I need some direction and honest no-holds-barrel crit.  It's not complete (I realise some betas prefer to view and crit a finished story).  It's just so lacking right now because my writing skills are somewhat rusty and I'm afraid of abandonning it because my writing isn't giving justice to the story.  I tend to be describing and not feeling.

Anyone?  The story is HPatDH!Snarry and concerns vampires. :D
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I'm in the process of doing a rather significant sweep of all my fanfic ... and I realise there are a lot them that are unfinished, or just simply little snippets of plots I wrote down.  

This brought on an interesting question I'd like to ask you, writers.  Those of you who collect rather large collections of unfinished plots, how do you organize them?  Do you write down a file name that summarizes what's already written if you don't have a title?  Or do you paste all these snippets in one file?  Inquiring minds want to know, and find inspiration to organize these bunnies multiplying on their hard drive. :D 
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This is a bit of retro-fic for me as I wrote this some years ago. I'm currently going through my archive in a desire to reinstate my website, and not all of the stories will be kept in this renovation. Some, I believe, were ghastly and scream for a rewrite. Others will simply not survive to see the new place. But as I reread some of the things I wrote (also in an effort to erradicate my writer's block), I stumble on stories that I will include in the new website.

This is one of them.

He is never allowed to take off his glasses. )
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This will be an alternate timeline set in the Harry Potter universe, though not entirely so.  This asks the question: what if Draco had also been watching Snape’s untimely demise?  Not entirely sure where it will follow, but I am somewhat thrilled by the notion of Harry Potter helping a deranged Snape look for his soul.  This is the prologue/premise of that story. 

NC-17 definitely.




The darkness tasted bitter on his tongue, but not unpleasant. )
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So I was discussing story possibilities with my husband.  Yes, me and my hubby talk about my slashy obsessions.  Aren't I just about the luckiest??  In any case, I have this bunny that I want to materialize, but am having difficulty with.  I had the idea that following Dumbledore's death, Snape might just want to perform that horcrux spell for himself; while his intentions are noble and such, the man is still Slytherin and might share an obsession with Voldemort about immortality.  For the sake of the plot, however, I was wracking my brain with what Snape might consider a worthy vessel for a shard of his soul.

And my husband to answer: "What about Dumbledore's pensieve?"

It makes sense ... but it's such a huge endeavor that I am not certain to want to write it right away, or at least not before I have the time to do so.  But as far as bunnies go, I don't have that many, and wish I did.  Snape's voice is oddly silent these days, and I would love for it to start yelling insults for no other reason than showcasing what a greasy git he can be.


I hate wanting to be so damned canon and having to work around something as huge as SNAPE DYING.  

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I finally finished it. I said I would, and I did. No, not Le Lion au Serpent (which I also plan to finish), but Post Mortem. It is a work of minimalism and very sparse vocabulary. I hope you enjoy.

TITLE: Post Mortem
RATING: PG-13 for some snogging.
TIMELINE: VERY alternate
SUMMARY: An alternate ending to the war -- and how things might have turned out if Snape hadn't gone to Voldemort.Post Mortem... )


Aug. 6th, 2005 10:03 pm
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[ profile] cybele_san issued a call for challenges. I think this is a fantastic idea, and while I am working on Le Lion au Serpent, I would love to churn out some drabbles to get back into the practice of things. So if anyone has any, I would dearly love to hear them. My fingers are itching. So are Snape's. ;)
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First chapter ... look here for updates. :)

There is a very tiny spoiler to HBP, but nothing entirely shattering.
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To those following Le Lion au Serpent;

It has now sort of fallen into a 'AU' category, if you wish, after new developments arose from HP:THBP (fear not, I am not spoiling in this post). Although, really, LLAS was sort of AU already. Hehehe.

I have NOT abandoned writing it. After some time, I've decided to rewrite it, possibly trim a few chapters that needed it and develop others that were, in my opinion, too brusque. I will also change some things from the beginning. I had wanted to do this before, that is, rewrite it and repost it, and that is still my intention. I cannot simply pick up from where I left off after so much time has passed. I remember it well, of course, as it still tickles my brain constantly, but I do need to revise the fic seriously.

So, once the website opens, there will be only (for the moment) Le Lion au Serpent on it, which will be updated with new chapters. In between those updates, I will add my other fics.

I am serious about it.


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Uhm, just out of curiosity, did anyone save the last chapter I posted re: Le Lion au Serpent? I have one, but something is tickling in my head that I wrote more than what I have.

*blinks eyes cutishly*


Nov. 28th, 2004 05:22 pm
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"It's not complicated, once your computer is fixed, I will make sure you pass at least 2 hours on the computer every night, and much of it will be spent finishing your Le Lion au Serpent novel."

-- The Boyfriend.

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Ye ask and ye shall receive. Incidentally, thanks so much for the help. :)

Fic List )


Aug. 6th, 2004 07:17 pm
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I will soon open a page with my stories on them. I doubt I'll go through the headache of creating and managing a gallery again (it's really too much work for me at this time), but I'd like to centralize all my fic. I think I can manage a fic site. It'll be very ultra simple.

But now, I need your help. A sort of poll, if you will. I don't want to put everything up again (as it is, my archive will start looking like my G/B fic archive, and believe me, 152 stories was WAY too much to update ... specially given my whimsey when it comes to formatting). So now, I need your help in sorting out what should be up there.

My notepad's ready. :) Le Lion au Serpent will be there, that's for sure, but that's the only thing for sure for now.

So ... uhm ... help? :D

Er ...

Jul. 31st, 2004 12:14 am
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Okay, so I forgot I had actually posted Chapter Ten already some time ago ... this is what happens when I leave the loop for a while. I will try to excuse my stupidity on lack of smoking and lack of chocolate.

On another note, I am fully convinced Snape is a coffee addict. A story begs to be written. I just love my greasy git disheveled and coffee-starved in the morning. Maybe coffee is frowned upon at Hogwarts. Hehehehe.


Yeah, I knew my widdle Snivellus had a weak spot.

HARRY: *cackling evilly as he purchases several cans of Folger's*

This post has been brought to you by a bout of sleep deprivation and severe insomnia, thus the statements expressed here are to be looked upon with a WTF attitude which I will completely understand.

Hey, btw, I'm only now starting to get itchy about a RPG ......... anyone has a good one with an empty Snape, Walden, Draco or Lucius opening?

And [ profile] cybele_san, I don't see you on AIM anymore ... :( :( :( Miss you.
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A glimpse of Chapter 10 ... yes, I am still working on it. ;)

Chapter Ten: The Evanescent Elixir )
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Right, so as I am still rusty with the keyboard, I'm slowly going over the list of WIPs that have managed to remain quite intact on my zip disks. For now, I am 100% certain to continue Le Lion au Serpent, as it is my baby and want to see it grow up. I will be rewriting MAJOR parts of it, however, so I may just re-post it here on Livejournal. Post Mortem is also going to see a rewrite, but I am 95% sure to continue it. The rest will come naturally, and I've been itching to drabble ... :)


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