May. 12th, 2009

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I was watching on the sci-fi channel this pseudo-docu-fan-forum thing where they were discussing Hotdocs, an annual Canadian Documentary Festival. This is just the type of festival to fire my fancy; obscure movies and documentaries made by obscure rising (or not) film-makers. Among the topics, Troll 2 was a hot-spot of discussion.

Anybody remember this movie? I do. Vividly. And I recall nearly choking on popcorn so hard I was laughing. It made me want to watch more awesomely bad movies. So I decided, as I began to write this post, to start a chronicle of my journey through the dark recesses of B-movies. One a week, for as long as it takes. I will even take suggestions. Then I will post my review of said-movie, and do a weird personal take of MST3K.  Mystery Snaples Theatre 3000.  Heh. 

My husband just asked me: "Troll 2? I don't even remember watching Troll 1." To which I replied; "There is only Troll 2. Troll 1 not important." However, in his excitement of our newfound weekly hobby, he spouted a few old titles that we will rent to start off this chronicle into the bad, the ugly and the weird. Masters of the Universe for one. There needs to be nearly all of the Bruce Campbell movies in the lineup as well, of course. Then he tried to sneak in Against the Dark, to which I vehemently applied the first and only rule: no Steven Segal movies, no matter how bad it is.

There are just certain limits, you know?


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