Jun. 21st, 2009

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I'm posting this from my hubby's PC because apparantly, after being able to successfully download about 7 gigs worth of updates, games and software, I rebooted my computer and discovered it now refuses to connect to the modem.  /facepalms.  I am in Hour 3 of fixing, patching, renewing IPs, resetting routers, checking my TCP settings and kicking the $(*&!#% leds out of it

I love my computer.  I really do.  But sometimes it needs to be reminded who the master is in this room.

EDIT: So ... Comodo antivirus apparantly hates connections.  Go figure.  It's gone now, and poof!  Connection returned.  Hour 4, and ... it just took uninstalling one, small, mediocre program.  /cry

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I posted this on LJ not too long ago but no-one bit -- so I'm reposting and on DW as well if someone maybe wanted to create a comm or something.  Get 'em while they're still hot, got 2 to give out. 


Jun. 21st, 2009 04:43 pm
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So I'm not a very girly girl usually ... my store du choix is a computer or game store, not a clothing or shoe store. But of course, it so happens I have certain yearnings lately that have amused my husband no end. I can spend more than five minutes on my makeup now, and fuss over what to wear. I pass by a vintage store and salivate over the beautiful pieces.

Yes, it's happened ... I've turned into a woman. Le gasp.

SO, in celebration of my newfound womanhood (not to be confused with the term one finds in a porn story, O behave!), I have collected six images of shoes I would like to see in my closet (duplicates, near-copies, etc.). It has become my personal odyssey; to own more than the two pairs of functional, sensible shoes I already have. In doing so, I was incidentally amused by my taste. I think one can tell a lot by the shoes a woman owns or likes. So here are mine -- I invite you to go to any website that offers up images of shoes and choose six you like. It's an interesting exercise in style and personality. My website was ModCloth, since I would definitely need to own shoes I could wear to work; goth bitch boots would not really mesh well with a conference room full of execs.

Next up, makeup!


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