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Ok ... ok ... wow. I was left completely breathless last night when I looked at this. I was entranced. It was one of the most beautiful contemporaries I've ever seen. Omg ... Mia Michaels is a goddess of choreography.

This dance is about Addiction. Kupono embodies the addiction and Kayla is the addict. Gaah.

Fanfic Meme

Jul. 9th, 2009 07:29 pm
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Gacked from cyane_snape:

Take the major fanfic categories and write something for each using ten or fewer words. (I did 10 exactly each)

My Take ... )
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Updates from the front;

Truble the Cat
This cat is driving me batty.  As much as I adore his social acceptance of people, his loud purring, his head butts and his paw-hugs, he is completely and totally freaking INSANE.  At some point, he will either live a long happy life with us or end up going through a window.  And no, I would not have been the one to throw him. <FURRY FAIL.

Life as a parent
Two of the boys (I have a son, and my husband has 2 ... yes the level of testosterone in the house is very overwhelming, why do you ask?) are sharing a birthday party today ...lots of kids, lots of headaches.  I already got up this morning and popped 2 gelcaps.  No, I am not one of those perfect supermoms who are organized down to the last party hat and invite a gazillion kids over to her house.  <FAIL.  
I am one of those moms who cringe at the sight of children who are not her own.  Yes, I know, MAJOR fail.  But hey, I'm there for my kids.  Always. <WIN

Movies and Television
Fanboys sucked more than I thought it would -- my expectations weren't that high to start with but they did a stellar job ruining it even more. <SO MUCH FAIL.
Inkheart was ... cute.  I feel lukewarm about it, pretty much the same feeling I have for the book. <LUKEWARM FAIL.
My hubby did tape Spaceballs for me and I snatched up Dark Crystal.  <1980's WIN.
Trueblood.  Trueblood.  Trueblood.  Trueblood.  I am totally in love with Sookie and Eric and Bill and so much vampire love.  PAM!  Guh.  LAFAYETTE!  Gaaah.  <FANGY WIN.

As I evolve into the elusive woman creature hiding inside of me, I have been recently intrigued and fascinated by the sight of round little palettes and creams and potions and brushes.  In fact, I have this urge to spend ridiculous amounts of money for anything touches.  <GLITTERY WIN.

My hubby made a fettucini alfredo from scratch yesterday.  It was so much yum. <TUMMY WIN.

There are no words to describe how much I want to see this movie now.  I want to relish him in all his unglory.  I want to cap every nook and cranny of Spinner's End.  I want to read his books.  I actually wanted to create a catalogue of books Snape might own as a study in character.  <ANTICIPATING WIN.

Writing and Drawing
Not much action on this front due to RL sticking it deep.  O well.  I will be getting some free time soon to sit down and hammer out more. :) <CRAVING WIN.
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Go here and be amazed.  I've been running this interactive video three times now and I am just as amazed and awed as I was the first time.

Let it load ... then let your mouse dictate the beauty echoing the song.  It is absolutely breathtaking.

Because the marriage of talent, music, technology and creativity is a Good Thing.
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 I realise I'm kind of spamming on the art, but my mental state tonight dictates I stick with Photoshop and my tablet.  My concentration is otherwise shot.

Spock ... very stylised and weird and kind of stroke-y ... not in THAT sense, get your mind out of the gutter! ;) )
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 Okay, no longer called Beg ... called Rescue Me :D  Fair warning, kind of angsty ... Hubby wanted to call it Control, so the image will probably be viewed under different perspectives.  I personally think Snape is rescuing Harry. :D

Rescue Me )
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Enjoy teh pretty while I catch up on reading and commenting.  :) (I have to get that song!  Everytime I hear it I want to immediately be in a club sandwiched between sexy women dancing)
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 I've been debating a long while whether to write something about this topic or not.  Certainly, a whole slew of people have put forth some very intelligent, much more profound opinions on the matter, and as I struggle still with the idea of putting words to my thoughts, I was a bit wary about dipping my toes into something that might swallow me whole.

But ... I will do so anyway, because I do want to say something about it (however incoherent it might be, apologies in advance!).

My thoughts on the matter )
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 An update on the picture;

Harry nearly done ...  )

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... was terrific.  We watched Star Trek ... *completely* this time (without me freaking out, yay), and I totally fell madly in lust/love with Spock and Scottie.  Not necessarily together mind you, but definitely <3 in there.  And I was all tingly for Spock/Uhura.

We completed the evening by waking our 3 year old son at 10h30 because there are St-Jean-Baptiste fireworks in our little country town (I seriously live in a Beau Temps type of town/village) every year on this day.  He was amazed and bleery-eyed happy at seeing 'moving stars in the sky'.  These are little moments I completely cherish and I am not at all apologetic at waking up my son at 10 O clock to watch moving stars in the sky. :)

Now I'm going to get sleep and tomorrow I will send the story in for beta (once I have more meat to it), complete the painting and perhaps along the way paint something Spock-ish ... and maybe ... uhm ... drabble ... something ... perhaps ... *whimper* 
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So I am redoing the Beg piece (Snape over a collared Harry) into something more tender and less dominant.  At least, I hope I am.  I am having difficulty with foreshortening and hands in this one, but overall I am pleased.  I should be done by tonight or tomorrow.  Here's a glimpse of it and how drastically the mood has changed from its original piece.

Behind the Mask ) 
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 I have this story.  And it's going places.  Well ... I hope it is.  But I need some direction and honest no-holds-barrel crit.  It's not complete (I realise some betas prefer to view and crit a finished story).  It's just so lacking right now because my writing skills are somewhat rusty and I'm afraid of abandonning it because my writing isn't giving justice to the story.  I tend to be describing and not feeling.

Anyone?  The story is HPatDH!Snarry and concerns vampires. :D
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... and I'm heading to bed.  But Snape was so lonely, and I had to at least finish the companion piece.  *yawn*  My eyes are shot, so this will probably need serious revising tomorrow, but I'm satisfied for now.

Thanks to everybody who commented -- I will get those replies to you tomorrow. :)

In the meantime, Harry would really like to go for a walk with Snape ... ) 
EDIT: And oh my GOD I forgot to add his SCAR /headdesk ... I knew I forgot something. This actually woke me up, lol. Will revise all this tomorrow. /headdesk again. Ow.  Fixed!
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Gotheregotheregotherenow!!! <3 <3

It's Tim Burton again ... yay, and Alan Rickman as the caterpillar <3 ... no pictures of him sadly, but the movie itself looks very awesome.

But I would have loved to see a movie interpretation of Aliss ... pity.
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I'm in the process of doing a rather significant sweep of all my fanfic ... and I realise there are a lot them that are unfinished, or just simply little snippets of plots I wrote down.  

This brought on an interesting question I'd like to ask you, writers.  Those of you who collect rather large collections of unfinished plots, how do you organize them?  Do you write down a file name that summarizes what's already written if you don't have a title?  Or do you paste all these snippets in one file?  Inquiring minds want to know, and find inspiration to organize these bunnies multiplying on their hard drive. :D 


Jun. 21st, 2009 04:43 pm
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So I'm not a very girly girl usually ... my store du choix is a computer or game store, not a clothing or shoe store. But of course, it so happens I have certain yearnings lately that have amused my husband no end. I can spend more than five minutes on my makeup now, and fuss over what to wear. I pass by a vintage store and salivate over the beautiful pieces.

Yes, it's happened ... I've turned into a woman. Le gasp.

SO, in celebration of my newfound womanhood (not to be confused with the term one finds in a porn story, O behave!), I have collected six images of shoes I would like to see in my closet (duplicates, near-copies, etc.). It has become my personal odyssey; to own more than the two pairs of functional, sensible shoes I already have. In doing so, I was incidentally amused by my taste. I think one can tell a lot by the shoes a woman owns or likes. So here are mine -- I invite you to go to any website that offers up images of shoes and choose six you like. It's an interesting exercise in style and personality. My website was ModCloth, since I would definitely need to own shoes I could wear to work; goth bitch boots would not really mesh well with a conference room full of execs.

Next up, makeup!
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I posted this on LJ not too long ago but no-one bit -- so I'm reposting and on DW as well if someone maybe wanted to create a comm or something.  Get 'em while they're still hot, got 2 to give out. 
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I'm posting this from my hubby's PC because apparantly, after being able to successfully download about 7 gigs worth of updates, games and software, I rebooted my computer and discovered it now refuses to connect to the modem.  /facepalms.  I am in Hour 3 of fixing, patching, renewing IPs, resetting routers, checking my TCP settings and kicking the $(*&!#% leds out of it

I love my computer.  I really do.  But sometimes it needs to be reminded who the master is in this room.

EDIT: So ... Comodo antivirus apparantly hates connections.  Go figure.  It's gone now, and poof!  Connection returned.  Hour 4, and ... it just took uninstalling one, small, mediocre program.  /cry


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